All the images on /unrealed/ are low resolution for the internet and they are all the hand-made artwork of Lauren Edmond. If you download these images, please remember to support the artist!!! These are some of the most downloaded images on the internet, and it's great to be popular, but -- each of one these images was drawn BY HAND on paper. I drew them all with a .05 rapidograph. They are NOT computer-generated and each one took me well over 1000 hours of work to complete!! And please remember that this material is copyrighted and I do get legal if anyone uses my artwork for profit or publicly without my knowledge and consent. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site -- Lauren Edmond

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These images are copyrighted by Lauren Edmond.
Unrealed Art Images currently available:
1. American Moon Goddess 2. Bird On A Limb 3. A Witch Hunts 4. Bat 5. Bird Tree 6. Flying Clown 7. Eye Open 8. Healing Angel 9. Flying Angel 10. Brian & Philippe Asleep 11. Flying Cherub 12. Flying Metamorphosis 13. Love Doves 14. Moon Birds 15. Mother and Daughter 16. Parachute 17. Peace Bunny 18. Space Kitty 19. Space Ship 20. Space Travelers 21. Unstable