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Howlin’ Trees

August 9th, 2009 11 comments

Here’s an invitation to the 2009 HOWL show

After much thought… and encouragement from Carolyn Ratcliffe, I decided to participate in the 2009 HOWL show with the Artistas. I’ve lost count of how many shows we’ve done over the past 5 years, so check my website! for the list.

I was asked for 3 paintings. After the show was hung, I was asked for a 4th painting, now hanging in the gallery!

Next decision — what to show? So I read Howl by Allen Ginsberg and decided on 3 paintings of the East Village that evoke the poetry and wild side that is still sometimes present, but mostly fading into the mists. Reading Ginsberg’s words from 1956, they are still as risque and cutting as they were back in the 50s. Perhaps we have come full circle, down into the maze of urban bohemian “angelheaded hipsters” “smoking in the supernatural darkness of coldwater flats” “contemplating jazz” and back to a society entrenched in it’s values, pretending nothing’s wrong. Business as usual. No global warming here! No threat of swine flu. We don’t even need health care. Let’s go shopping!

Thinking about Ginsberg’s words, I thought these paintings of Howlin’ Trees were the best choices from my work to describe the colors and shapes that HOWL evokes. (i changed the order so you can see them all!)

This one of the few remaining elder trees of the Tompkins Square. In the 5 years I’ve been painting the park, these few ancient trees have dwindled. Some have fallen due to disease, others to storms. This old tree stands on the corner of 7th Street and Avenue B, across from St Brigid. Here’s Howlin’ Treefall_from_b

“Howlin’ Tree” © 2006 by Lauren Edmond

St Brigid is an 1850s Irish famine church saved from destruction by the people of the East Village in 2007. Ochre yellow, it sits on the southeast corner of Tompkins Square. When it was scheduled to be torn down, the people took action. What finally saved the church was an anonymous donor. Renovation is supposed to begin, meanwhile it is still closed, and still standing!


“Full Moon over St Brigid” © 2006 and 2009 by Lauren Edmond

The night had me enchanted! Walking through Tompkins Square can feel like walking through a forest, a journey that takes you through the maze of paths and howlin’ trees, and finally back out onto the city streets. But when you resurface, you have the distinct impression you’ve been someplace else.

This night scene is the view (southwest) from the dog run in Tompkins Square, with the Crescent Moon rising.

“Crescent Moon over the dogrun” © 2006 and 2009 by Lauren Edmond

Fall night in Tompkins Square is magical. Changes happen you aren’t fully aware are happening! You walk into the park in one mood, and come out in another place. This is the middle of the park, those old tree limbs have seen a lot of history.

“Fall twilight in the park” © 2006 by Lauren Edmond

Hope you can come to the show! There’s a magical transformation that happens when they’re printed in high resolution on beautiful cotton rag– and framed! And hanging in a gallery;-)

The show will be on view starting Saturday night, August 28. It continues through September 30.
You can email me and get an invitation or just pick one up here!