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Painting the gardens

The green spaces of Manhattan are sacred spaces. Quiet and reflective, they provide a contrast to our high-stress high-tech society. We are healed by the peace connection we feel when surrounded by nature. The shape of a tree’s limb are like dancers in slow motion, i see them reaching, bending, flowing, and interacting. The play of light on the trees and leaves as they contrast the forms of the buildings and fences inspires me to paint these deeply moving scenes.

This is Blue Iris at La Plaza Cultural, a green thumb oasis on the corner of E 9th St and Avenue C. Most of the irises are purple and they are all lovely, but this blue iris was a standout and so lush i had to make this painting. I hope you enjoy it.

It is copyrighted and this is a low res version. Please see my online gallery for more paintings!

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