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Preservation: Preserve or Forget

This show was at the Theater for the New City from December 2010 – January 2011 as part of the Lower East Side Preservation Initiative.

5 of my paintings were selected for this show by its curator, Carolyn Ratcliffe.

These paintings were all fully “renovated” for this show. By that I mean I repainted them, creating very different paintings.

All 5 paintings are of landmark buildings in the East Village, NYC. 3 of them are on this blog. I’ll try to post the other 2, but I get busy!

The street scene is Avenue B & 10th St, which includes the Charlie Parker House (white when i made the painting) and the Cristadora on the right.

Next is St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church on 10th St and Avenue A, which is inspired by the sunset.

And there’s the famous St Marks Church (located on 2nd Avenue & E 10th St, NYC), with a strong presence in any season, this is early fall as the leaves begin to change.

They are all here (in low res) so you can see them long after the show is over.

Fall on 10th & B © 2010 by Lauren Edmond

Greek Church at sunset © 2010 by Lauren Edmond

St Marks Church in early Fall © 2010 by Lauren Edmond

**these are low res versions. visit Lauren Edmond’s online gallery or email lauren@laurenedmond.com for prices and purchasing.

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