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Red lily by Lil blue

Most of the day lilies in the Catskill/Hudson Valley region are orange tiger lilies. They grow wild everywhere, along all the roads, along stream beds and in flower beds. There are a few on this property, we affectionately call Lil Blue, and if Lil Blue was my house, I’d plant a whole lot more. The contrast of the orange against all the green is exciting. There’s a spray of red lilies in a flower bed in the backyard, dark velvety red, that really pops out. I prefer the orange, but these red lilies look like pieces of red velvet fluttering over the flower bed.

Here’s a big red lily, painted right from the backyard of ‘Lil Blue!

“red lily” © 2009 by Lauren Edmond

Sometimes people wonder why painters choose to paint nature. It’s always there, you can just look if you want to! Yet, nature changes. It is always changing as seasons and light changes, daily, weekly, seasonally, yearly, over decades… And entering nature through a painting can change the way you experience nature. For many of my neighbors, walking in Tompkins Square Park now feels like walking in one of my paintings. It always has that effect for me, as the painter. So i was surprised that transferred to others. But that is what a painting does, it asks you to enter and explore. It takes you somewhere, which can even be your own backyard!

The Red Lilies are done for this year. The last big storm wiped out the last of them and there are no more buds. Yet, here is a 2009 red lily;-)

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  1. Carol Palombo
    August 16th, 2009 at 07:19 | #1

    Hi Lauren,

    When I lived in Saratoga Springs (1994-1998), I marveled every summer at the beautiful orange lilies growing along the roadside. Let’s face it, God makes beautiful stuff! What makes it more compelling for me is the fact that they grow wild with no particular nurturing and, yet, are exquisitely beautiful. This is a beautiful red lily. Thank you.

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