The Comeau

The Town of Woodstock is a very enlightened place for many reasons. And their town government reflects this in many ways. Mostly because the people are literally invested in keeping their community free of overdevelopment. So they learn about the issues and participate in the process of governing. The Woodstock Land Conservancy maintains easements that allow people access to the land, put there as a land trust. Keeping it that way takes vigilance.

Comeau is a land trust in Woodstock, NY. It’s about 78 acres. There are big fields for playing ball, and forested area with trails and a stream, and few more big fields. It’s dog friendly, and well-behaved dogs can roam off leash, except for the parking lot and soccer fields, which is in everyone’s best interest. We leash whenever it’s time to “hold hands”. Just reading the latest updates on the Comeau easement issue in Woodstock Times, i remembered my painting! Here’s the building where the government offices are located on the Comeau property, in the early spring of 2008. I finally “finished” it.

Comeau in early spring, 2008 © 2009 by Lauren Edmond

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